Membership Branded Partners

As part of your Abarthclub Hertfordshire membership we will add various offers and companies that we have teamed up with to give you exclusive offers.



"AUTOGLYM's quest for perfection began in 1965 with eight pioneering car care treatments that breathed new life into tired bodywork and wheels. From their original premises in Welwyn Garden City, Autoglym quickly became a trusted name, finding a home on shelves across the nation’s car dealerships and garages."

We are delighted to announce Abarthclub Hertfordshire are now officially a Brand Ambassador for Autoglym and the first car club to do so!

As a Brand Ambassador we will receive :
Exclusive discounts
Free Products
Special Competitions and Prizes
Visits to Autoglym HQ
Exclusive Event Tick
And much more.



We continue to strive to offer Club members exclusive offers with big brands and we are delighted to announce we have partnered up with KARCHER who will offer us Exclusive Club discounts.

These offers are only valid for collection from their HQ store, which is currently being rebuilt into an "apple style" flag ship store.

The HQ is right on the border of Hertfordshire in Stanmore : 901 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 1AR


MS Racing values Abarthclub members and our club and has agreed to give us a 10% Discount on their website

Use the code ACH10 which is live now.

**This code is for Hertfordshire members only and MS-R will make checks to confirm membership of Abarthclub Hertfordshire **


These offers are exclusive to our Abarthclub only and is part of your membership, to receive these offers you will need to be subscribed to our members newsletter.